Dubai and Abu Dhabi The Top City

and Abu Dhabi are the two principal cities in the Middle East, indicates the last report of outline by Mercer, the leading vendor of services of investment.

Followed rows of last year, Dubai moved to the top six places in the annual outline of 83 percent last year with 77 percent this year. This increase was allotted to the approvals improved of transport, development of road infrastructure and the expansion of approvals of international airport and telecommunication and other equipment of the consumer, the outline indicates.

While waiting, Abu Dhabi holds the four-twenty-fourth position this year, compared with the ninety place in 2008. It is due to the increase in the international schools, approvals and the development recreationnel of the airport and the increased accessibility of new networks by Etihad Airways, the national air line.

The ranks of fabric tradesman are evaluated based on an index of marking of point implying 215 cities through the sphere, of New York like low city. The rows are considered useful for the governments and the important companies.

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