UAE envisage to apply the unified payment of property of perpetual land and buildings free that will be recover in 2011.

To prevent the DUBAI PROPERTY MARKET COLLAPSES, UAE placed projects of legislative acts which limit expatriates automatically to acquire visas of residence by the property of property of perpetual land and buildings free, indicated a federal member of National council (FNC).

The Council will submit soon projects of legislative acts on properties of free perpetual land and buildings to the government, which is hoped to unify the divergent law concerning the sector in the seven Emirates.

One of the members of the Council, Dr. Abdul Rahim Shaheen, indicated that the council considered the execution of the legislation suggested as quickly as possible.

With seven Emirates handling the property of perpetual land and buildings free according to various rules, there was total chaos in the sector. The government envisages to establish a federal payment which unifies rules on dealing with foreigners with regard to the free perpetual land and buildings of the properties and imposes strict punishments against those which exploit the property to produce public interest.

He said that the exit endangered the national interest and UAE identity while Emiratis are exceeded of number by expatriates, whom had so that, few residents began demanding lines.

The expatriates are not entitled to residence the 25 year old by the owernship of a property, clarified a senior official with the Ministry for the Interior.

The director of the legal department, Ministry for the Interior, Al Khider of sultan of Rashid column, while speaking with the media, said that the law of naturalization and residence does not have a clause which makes it possible to the owners expatriates to obtain a visa of 25 year old residence.

This clarification by the ministry concerning the execution of a new law by the FNC, came, according to the practice of several property developers announcing of the visas of residence with their sales of property.
The Rashid column indicated that of such advertisements by real estate companies are not exact, and is in the violationg of the law of naturalization and of residence, which stipulates expats with UAE is here for the study, work, the medical care, or tourism or is financed by family members.

For this end, the FNC plan's to apply a payment on the property of perpetual land and buildings free coincides with the current location, where, the companies of sale of property adopt practices false to strike the company.

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