Briston who invested hundreds thousands pounds in the property of unbuilt during Dubai of the years boom's lose money after a collapse on the market.

Of the 800 powerful groups investors, individuals who put deposits on apartments of holidays to the property brokers, say that the hundreds of million pounds are in danger.

Work slowed down or stopped on tapes of building sites, including on second of palm island. The city envisaged a series of artificial peninsulas in the form of palm trees packed with villas of holidays of seaside, but only one is of completion.

Of all the world 'accidents of Dubai Property, be among most spectacular. According to an evaluation of Morgan Stanley, projects in value £165 billion were delayed or countermanded through the United Arab Emirates. The prices in Dubai fell by more than 40 percent since September.

While the prices went up, much of investors it in the far-plan, one or the other bought because it was Low Price Dubai Property, in the case of the poor purchasers seeking a house with the sun, or because they could flicks or sale above for a fast benefit without never having to pay the full value.

Investors on the end of a chain of fins were struck particularly hard as the prices fell while the building was put on the catch. But even those which bought realizers now face the dilemma to continue to pay or cut their losses.

The situation was made worse by the local authorities which update rules on the money of refunding for the buy property at the far-plan which could mean than the investors cannot recover their full investment.

Adam Tordoff, a business man independent of Sheffield, employed already his saving of life to pay £150,000 towards a villa £500,000 and is requests for coating of others of installments though it was not built.

We want just to obtain our money back and to leave him, it said. Prochaine better thing to have something would be established really rather than the money entering the thin air.

Nick Jasani, of street Albans, bought it in the far-plan of two stores like investment, paying a deposit of £100,000. He believes that there is little possibility of them being built but the project was not countermanded while enabling him to take again its money.

I am completely fed upwards, it said. He wrote with the British government asking him to intervene.

The lawful authority of real estate of Dubai wrote the new rules under which investors who withdraw contracts are refunded on a scale of slip, according to how much was built. But the realizers have right always to 30 percent of the money paid even if nothing were established whole, giving them that an incentive with the projects of complaint are still viable.

The knight of Nigel, a spokesperson for the investors 'group, said that its members had bought the evaluated property with approximately £1 billion, whose almost fifth already had been paid more.

RERA prepares other revisions. It can also order 27 projects to be countermanded with full refundings - if the money is left.

In certain cases, deposits were employed to buy the ground, a now prohibited practice, whereas Mr. Knight pleads that some realizers employed the money paid to the bottom a development to buy the ground for new projects.

RERA did not answer the questions but Alexis Waller, a lawyer at the offices of Dubai de Clyde firm legal and Co, said that it tried to strike a balance between the lotisseurs and the purchasers.

She said many contracts signed by investors who did not specify what would be built when. With law the realizers must begin work in the six months to record projects, but much of investors contracts signed obliging them to maintain installments even if realizers to make thus.

Investisseur was registered with bill book of refunding which was by no means related to the big steps that, it said. Which 's how the market functioned here, and didn't purchasers it because they earned so much money starting from the property. This is become an exit because they do not earn any more money.

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